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A Call 2 Peace

I came to understand and therefore learn that feeling Peace and being in Peace is my responsibility. It doesn’t matter when or where, but it happened and it feels good.
I also learned that violence, hate, fear, greed and human conditions of that sort, happen first inside of the human being and then are projected to the outside, to become the seeds of misery and war.
Once upon a time I heard a much respected man worldwide, Prem Rawat, talking about Peace and during his talk a question was asked: “What can you do?" That question was the inspiration for the creation of A Call 2 Peace™.
Since music is what I can do, I decided to steer it in the direction of Peace by creating a music concert complemented with visual arts through video projections accompanied by quotes from individuals that have dedicated and are dedicating their lives to bring forth a precious message of Peace.
A Call 2 Peace is not a call to the world outside but one to the world inside and it could come as a scream or in utter silence according to the moment.
Many artists and humanitarian organizations have shared A Call 2 Peace (AC2P) presentations in the USA, Europe, South America and Japan.

A Call 2 Peace 2017

Now in its second chapter, the goal is to bring the A Call 2 Peace initiative into local communities in the Southern California area, with the intention to expand its outreach to communities all over the USA.
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I hope you enjoy and join our efforts, and see you soon.

Peace wishes,


Eduardo Del Signore