Helping/Joining A Call 2 Peace

Are you interested in being a part of and helping the AC2P concert series and music?

Would you like to join us in helping with concerts, whether it be hosting A Call 2 Peace events, or donating to help us cover costs of setting up concerts and materials, or are you a professional musician/singer that would like to join us, or are you an artist, photographer, video maker or organisation, etc, that would like to advertise/sell at our events or etc? If so, please email us on, or go to the Contact page for further contact details.

Currently (2017), we are working to finish a new series of extended pieces of recorded music along with the videos that will accompany the music. We are asking for your help to raise the needed funds to complete the recordings and visual presentations. Once we achieve that goal, we will bring the concert series to local communities throughout the United States. If you can help, your name will be added to the credits on the CD, and you'll also receive a free download copy of the CD & printable cover as a thank-you for your help. Please check it out here and if possible, donate what you can:

If you are interested to help or join us in any other way, please click the email link here: to email us or go to the contact page and send us a message!

Save the A Call 2 Peace tree!

Help turn our A Call 2 Peace tree back to green, to keep it alive. By donating below, your donation, each and every one will turn part of the tree green! It takes up to 24 hours for each donation to actually turn this tree green.